Monday, December 1, 2008

Its the South indian thing i say!

U are a CLASSIFIED south indian...when...

When you complete a near 'perfect' executive chinese meal in a nice indian chinese restaurant and CRAVE for curd to end the meal.

When you love talking about how "punjus" will be punjus...and "gujjus" will be gujjus and how south indians are less complicated.

When you love taking a book/newspaper to the loo. Its a knowledge gaining thinggy, how does it matter WHERE?

When avakkai is THE sidekick with everything - rice, roti, naan, pappad, dosa, vada, sevai, aapam, bleh and blee....o all of it. wattta perfect side-dish.

If mum had to send something from good 'ol india - it HAS to be "parappu podi". nothing else can satisfy the tummy.

If you feel "at home" when you see the "vangoooooo", "okarangoooooooo" ad. Who eats that bingo anyway?. The ad jus makes you smile.

When you HATE these hindi speakin fellas make fun of the tamilified/goltified/kanadafied hindi we they speak good tamil/telegu/kannada themselves...hmmpf! :O...

When you discuss rajini kanth for timepass.. his life, his movies, his marriage, his school, his daughter, his son in law :P

When you ENJOY sardar jokes and then talk about how we shud not make fun of sardarjis the way we all do.

When we know atleast one - Sangeetha, priya, ram, krithika, vijay, vikram, ganesh, prakash, kavitha, harini, shilpa, divya, padma, krishnan, kartik. cant get more common than that :P

When you enjoy speaking in your native language when u are around people who don understand the language... cheap thrills i tell u!

Ah... i love being a south indian...and if u r one...i am sure u do too :D