Wednesday, October 17, 2007

"Dance is like silent poetry"

"Nila kaigiradhe" is one of my ALL TIME fav songs...i was staring into my lappy...enjoying the video on you tube... it has been picturised so beautifully... simple yet so powerful... and the lyrics.. is just out of the world...! :)

This particular song brings back good memories... when i was in the 6th standard... i was CRAZY about dancing...any kind of dance... Bharatnatyam... random disco dance... or folk.. DANCE was my passion...

One particular incident that comes to my mind is my tryst with choreography. i choreographed a dance piece for a group of standard 4 students for their school annual day. it was for the song "Chanda suraj lakhon tare" by AR Rehman... it was such an enriching experience... to teach people to dance... (being an amateur myself)..

I would like to get back to dancing sometime in my life... classical dance.. maybe even learn a modern dance form.. someday... like they say.. its never too late!

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Musical Treat!

The ambiance was perfect for a musical treat ...and a TREAT it was indeed!

The Ramar Kovil (Temple) in the spectacular Changi Village was reverberating thanks to lovely little voices! What a wonderful way to celebrate navarathri....! Can anyone challenge the beauty of Carnatic music in a spiritual environment??? I truly doubt it.

I must add here, that there is NOTHING more fulfilling and gratifying than watching your sibling perform on stage!

and with that.. i SMILE and take leave! :) :) :) :)

Friday, October 12, 2007

Blogger blogging...well....blah!

The time is 1:36. I sit alone in my room wondering why i cannot seem to get myself to study today. Duh... i guess its just like any other day!

There's this vague assignment thats sitting on my head.. and i desperately wanna get done with it...!!

What'd i do without music? man... i find solace in music! n i have no clue what 'd do without my songs! :D

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Aich!!!!!!!!! :)

Today was a different day. I spent time with a classmate studying!! what was different? the company was.. its been 4 months since the start of the course, but it was the first time i spent time with this particular classmate of mine... what else was different - i made a conscious effort to study!!!

Thanks to some inbuilt guilt that pops up now and then, i managed to refuse a trip to chennai!! i still cannot blve i did tht, but i guess one needs to make certain choices sometimes, and sadly so, this was mine.

......And so we were sitting by the pool trying to drill in some accounting concepts into our heads, my mind wandered.. i suddenly got distracted by loud music (no surprises there! :P).. i looked towards the barbeque pit... and saw a bunch of school kids havin this amazing party.... loud hip hop music.. food... chocolate cake...

the scene was fun...and got me all excited.... it was pleasant to see them sing together and head bang to songs that i adore!! The whole scene reminded me of Saarang days... the craziness.. the night out that followed the madness... chennai... i love u ... miss u ! :)

Hmm.. and with those thoughts in my mind.. i got back to accounting... i silently reminded myself that i had to make a life for myself :P :D